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Smart Population Foundation (SPF) was established in 2002 to help promote improved childhood environments in Australia through modern, evidence-based education initiatives.

In 2005, SPF formed the Raising Children Network (RCN) with the Parenting Research Centre and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute's Centre for Community Child Health (part of the Royal Children's Hospital and University of Melbourne). This Raising Children Network consortium produced the national parenting website for the Australian Government at raisingchildren.net.au.

SPF, responsible for the design, build, editorial policy, web production and promotion of the Raising Children Website, worked with many talented Australians to bring the website to life. It is now considered the most reliable and comprehensive, online parenting resource in Australia, winning many awards for its content, design and innovation.

In 2006, SPF produced the companion Raising Children DVD which was launched on 20 August 2007 by then Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon John Howard. The Raising Children DVD was distributed to every family in the country at the birth of their child by the Federal Government through hospitals in a new 'Parent Pack'. (See newsletter below for more.) Over one million copies have been distributed. It can still be ordered through the website, costs covered by the Australian Government for all new parents.

In 2010, SPF merged with the Raising Children Network and its founder, Divonne Holmes à Court, became chairman. SPF continues to serve as an important fundraising oranisation supporting harm prevention initiatives through education, in particular, projects of the Raising Children Network — donations are welcome and appreciated.


Your contribution will help us continue to produce educational programs for Australian families, helping to prevent harm and improving long-term outcomes for children.




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